Ash Beatty, P.E.

Ash received BS degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas in 1985. He began his career with the M.W. Kellogg Company in Houston, Tx., as a Process Systems Engineer. During his time at Kellogg, he earned his MS degree in Environmental Management from the University of Houston at Clear Lake.

Ash started providing consulting in 1999 with the goal of providing professional permitting services to petrochemical and waterfront facilities along the Texas Gulf Coast. He has been involved in projects ranging from air permitting to waterfront construction management.

Mike Knox - Senior Project Manager

Mike has over 20 years of operations and supervisory experience in the -chemical industry. His experience includes training  in Facility Management, Environmental Compliance, Field Safety. He has extensive on-hand field experience in construction safety, facility commissioning, startup, and emergency response.

Commissioning and Startup (O&G, Chemical plants), Process Operations, Technical Writing, Training, Customer Service, Quality Assurance, Policies, Procedures, and Compliance Reporting. PSM Specialist